2017 Annual 1099 Notice for Providers – see notice

Attention LTC and ICF-DD Facilities:
There are still many who have not successfully registered your OSS facility. Our team will register on your behalf, but you must complete the OSS Provider Registration Workbook (posted on in the Forms Section). We request that ALL OSS providers complete the workbook regardless of registration status so that we may resolve future issues more quickly. For additional instruction see below in the Recent Policy Section of this homepage.
Submit questions regarding the registration process to Or you may call (225) 342-0456. Or follow the link for more detail: OSS Vendor Registration Policy 11/16/17 (Revised 12/21/17) (Revised 02/08/18)

ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL PROVIDERS – Medicare Crossover B Claims Incorrectly Denied will be recycled and processed correctly as adjustments on 9/26/2017 check write

Amerigroup is now known as Healthy Blue

New billing deadlines. See notice bellow "Attention Electronic Claim Submitters/Providers"

ATTENTION ALL PERSONAL CARE SERVICES PROVIDERS - Changes in Entering Information in the Ordering/Referring Provider Field of Fee-For-Service Claims


!! ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS !!! Louisiana Medicaid proprietary Remittance Advices (RA) are located on this web site secure portal under the link, Weekly Remittance Advices. It is the provider’s responsibility to download and save or print and save these weekly payment registers for payment reconciliation and required documentation retention. Weekly RAs will not be reprinted for providers or vendors contracted with providers. Providers must log in to the secured portal weekly and obtain the RA if one is posted for the week, and they must make arrangements to supply these documents or give access to these documents to any contractor/vendors working on their behalf.

Recent Policy



ATTENTION OUTPATIENT HOSPITAL PROVIDERS: LARCs Inserted in the Outpatient Hospital Setting 04/30/18

Attention All DME Providers - Portable Oxygen Coverage and Reimbursement 04/25/18

Attention All Providers Receiving Electronic Remit Transactions (835) 04/24/18

Electronic Submission of Medicare Advantage Claims 04/24/18

Attention Providers of CLIA Waived Tests 04/17/18

Attention: LTC and ICF-DD Providers 04/04/18

Attention Providers of Immunizations 03/21/18

ATTENTION: Electronic Health Records Participants 03/21/18

2018 Clinical Laboratory Services – Fee Reimbursement Changes 03/16/18

2018 HCPCS Claims Recycle 02/23/18

Clear Claim Connection Security Update-March 2018 02/21/18


ATTENTION: LTC and ICF-DD FACILITIES 11/16/17 (Revised 12/21/17) (Revised 02/08/18)

2018 Update to ‘ClaimCheck’ Product Editing 02/06/18

Attention LTC and ICF-DD Facilities 02/05/18

2018 HCPCS and Fee Schedule Update 02/01/18

2018 Assistant Surgeon and Assistant at Surgery Covered Procedures 02/01/18

ATTENTION: Providers and Submitters of Fee for Service (FFS) Medicare Crossover Claim Denials for Dual QMB/Take Charge Plus Members 01/31/18

Providers May Now Submit Medicare Advantage Claims Electronically to Medicaid 01/31/18

ATTENTION: Providers and Submitters of Electronic Claims—Urgent Message 01/11/18

Attention all Providers Receiving Electronic Remit Transactions (835) 01/05/18

Re- implementation of the LaHIPP Program 01/03/18

LaHIPP Only Providers 01/03/18

2017 Annual 1099 Notice for Providers 01/02/18

Attention Providers – 2018 HCPCS Update 12/22/17

Attention ICF/IID Providers 12/20/17


Attention Hospitals - SFY 2018 Act 540 Uncompensated Care Costs Survey 11/22/17

Attention Providers/Submitters of Electronic Claims - November and December 2017 Holiday Cutoff Dates for Receiving Electronic Claim Files 11/14/17

Attention Providers of Immunization Services – Fee Schedule Update 11/02/17

Attention Providers of Immunization Services 11/02/17

Attention Providers of End Stage Renal Disease Services 11/02/17

Additional Web Notices


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